Larae Pierson
Coach & Facilitator
Larae Pierson is a Coach and Facilitator helping leaders build kick-butt teams that actually like working together. Larae is excited to partner with Community Futures Meridian to deliver customized coaching, facilitation and training to entrepreneurs, business owners and their teams, and community organizations. She is passionate about empowering others to do things a little differently to enhance performance, creativity, engagement, productivity, and their lives. This recipe consists of strength based coaching, expanding leadership capacity and strategic thinking to empower clients to set, hit and exceed milestones. With a background in marketing, communications, and business & executive coaching working with 500+ businesses from diverse industries, Laraeā€™s high-impact, high-energy content will leave you with thought-provoking, actionable tools.

Larae is in Hanna at least once/week and is available for 1-1 coaching and team facilitation. She is excited to work closely with other business supports, and Financial Institutions to share Community Future's Microloan Program with Hanna, where business loans of up to $25,000 can be accessed.