Mark Nikota
Economic Development Manager
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The Harvest Sky Economic Development Corporation (HSEDC) is a non-profit, arm’s length organization formed in 2012 that works quickly and effectively to build economic development strategies that impact our region. We’re focused on telling the story of the Harvest Sky Region—a solid and proud community—to support our existing businesses and attract investors, residents, and visitors who will help our region grow and prosper.

The HSEDC supports and aligns the efforts of our partners to maximize the return to the region. Together, we put the interests and needs of businesses and investors first and take a collaborative, community-based approach to economic development. Serving as a single point of contact, we provide a gateway to the many organizations, events, and recreational opportunities throughout the region.

By sharing an aligned, consistent, and compelling regional message in-market and supporting the efforts of the region’s economic development ecosystem, HSEDC delivers results that shape the region for intentional, impactful growth in the long term.

We work in three key areas:

  • Driving new business and investment and promoting industry diversification and innovation.
  • Attracting new residents.
  • Strengthening and promoting tourism.